Why was the Titan submarine seen more than the migrant boat?

Farvartish Rezvaniyeh

A fishing boat carrying hundreds of illegal immigrants sank off the coast of southern Greece.
This incident is one of the worst incidents that have ever happened to migrants in Europe, but when the media was reporting it, another piece of news got attention.
“Submarine Titan has disappeared.”
Recently, a group of users on social media has raised the question of how the media preferred the situation of the five rich submariners to hundreds of unfortunate migrants.
One must look at the events from a high angle and without preconceptions to understand this issue.
Big and small media are competing with each other to attract more audiences. Meanwhile, some have small and local competitors; another group is large and struggling with powerful opponents.
In Iran, because all TV channels look at the room of the president of IRIB, they are brothers and sisters with each other and cannot compete with each other like other channels in the world. On the other hand, the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting news is provided by the IRIB news agency, which plays the role of mother source.
Therefore, the scope of competition of Iranian TV channels has moved away from the news field, and managers try to brag to each other about whose programs and series have more audiences, citing the number of viewers’ text messages.
When television networks do not compete with each other in producing news, what goes on the air is monotonous, dull, soulless, and ineffective.
If there is a chain accident on the Qom highway, the IRIB may not want to cover it. But if there was at least one private TV channel in the country, IRIB, fearing that a rival channel would intervene and steal the hidden subjects of the Qom highway accident and thereby attract the attention of the audience, would immediately send a group to prepare a report at the scene of the accident. But now, the IRIB does not see a competitor in front of it, for this reason, it does not see the need to be dynamic and distinctive, so it does not show a desire to cover many events.
At the same time, news agencies and news bases are in close competition with each other, and the survival of many of them depends on receiving advertising money, in many cases, fill the empty space of radio and television. But most of these media are also looking for party or financial benefit; if they don’t see help publishing a news, they will let it go.
It is rare to find a media that does not publish useless content about celebrities on its website. The main reason is that the media have chosen to ride the wave of Yellow journalism and attract clicks to increase their views.
If media covers lesser seen events, it will definitely be noticed. But when an editor can get thousands or millions of clicks by publishing a photo of an actor’s new look in a book store, a soccer player’s temporary license plate car, or a singer’s villa in north Iran, they prefer to take risks and spend time and energy instead. And the cost to prepare news and reports is different from other media, Yellow journalism, and get financial income without any trouble.
The audience who prefers clicking on the link “The strangest cover of an actress after migration” to reading any news, determines the direction of the media.
When the admin of an Instagram page can entertain millions of users by cutting the sequences of old comedy series and having more followers every day, he does not see the need to look for an innovative and creative way to generate content.
The media, which is looking for more visibility, has to surrender to the expectations, fancies, tastes and expectations of the audience, so when the editors know that the story of the five crew members of a submarine that disappeared near the wreck of the Titanic is more attractive to the public than the sinking of the boat carrying immigrants. So they don’t hesitate about which subject to focus.
Just as many users don’t know or don’t care that by clicking on yellow content posts on Instagram and even registering objectionable comments and sending them to others, they make the work flourish and earn its publisher, fewer users pay attention to the fact that they are determining The assignment is for a medium.
Many media and social network administrators ride the waves of society and use different hashtags to be seen, even if they disagree with what they have come up with.
The media preferred to deal with the issue of the missing submarine rather than the tragedy of the sinking of the migrant boat.
Although the fame of Titanic caused the Titanic submarine to be quickly noticed, in general, people are looking for more exciting stories and unfortunately, the incident that happened in Greek waters has been repeated for the world’s opinion.
Now we have to ask ourselves, if a movie about the sunken boat of immigrants is going to be made shortly, how much will people welcome it?
What if Christmas 2024 saw a movie that told the story of the sinking of the explorer submarine due to the curse of the souls of the Titanic victims?