Bank Melli Iran’s Safe Deposit Boxes Robbed in Tehran

Bank Melli Iran (BMI) which is the second-largest state-owned bank in Iran has confirmed the internet rumors about a robbery at one of its branches in the center of Tehran during the June holidays.

In a statement published on June 6th, this bank has announced: “The incident at Daneshgah Branch of BMI which led to limited damages to rental safe deposit boxes is under investigation by the police and concerned authorities.”

The branch where the incident took place is opposite the University of Tehran on Enghelab St. and it is an old building that was built at least 60 years ago.

This robbery has taken place on the day of the 4th and 5th June public holidays.
BMI has not published any other details about the incident but emphasized that this branch is continuing its activity as before and will provide services to the clients.